inkjet Glossy waterproof White Vinyl (GWVF)

I did a project using the glossy waterproof vinyl over a magnetic sheet for my car or refrigerator.

“Whether you want to use your inkjet printer to make bumper stickers or waterproof production labels our glossy white waterproof adhesive film will allow for you to create durable, waterproof, permanent adhesive labels and stickers, using only your home or business inkjet printer. This unique vinyl material allows for waterproof inkjet output even though most inkjet inks are water soluble. The special glossy finish featured on this media is stained by the ink in the same way a t-shirt is stained by fruit juice.”

With the inkjet Glossy waterproof White Vinyl  I used printer settings “Glossy photo paper II”


After printing it I sprayed the UV protective coating to cover my decal for outside use.


After cutting it out I placed it on the magnetic sheet!



GWVF- inkjet glossy white waterproof


Magnetic sheets

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