Inkjet waterslide on a clock

IAS clock done1

I used the inkjet waterslide to put one of my drawing on a clock!

It was very easy and very fast to do this project!

1.)First I started by scanning my image in, then after that I printed it out.

2.)¬†¬†MAKE Sure the printer settings are adjusted for “Pro GLOSSY paper” or anything similar to this.

3.) After printing I sprayed my image with the Clear Flexible Fixative. This will allow your image to stay on when you dip it under water.

4.) Then I filled up a bowl of warm water and submerged my decal for 1 minute.

5.) After taking the image out I placed it face down on the clock with a rubber decal squeegee I removed the water underneath.

6.) I then slide the paper off letting the decal slide away from the paper underneath.

7.) With a paper cloth dap on the decal to take away any left over moisture.


14074580_10210387212146035_2049914373_oIAS SPRAY clock


IAS SPRAY clock2

IAS clock done1IAS Clock2 done

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