Inkjet waterslide clear (IAS) on ceramic vase

Uncategorized / Friday, August 26th, 2016

Today I put one of my new designs on a ceramic vase today!

1.)With the IAS I printed one of my designs on printer setting “High pro Gloss paper”

2.) After printing out my decal I sprayed it with Aerosol Decal Fixative (ASCF) MUST GET

-I sprayed two coats to make a good layer over my printed image

3.) I let that sit for 2 hours to dry

4.) Placed my cut out decal in warm water for 1 minute

5.) I faced the image down on to my vase and slide the image off and on to the vase



IAS vase 4

IAS vase 5

Vase IAS 1

Vase IAS 2

vase IAS 3

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