Laser Blue-Line White Removable Adhesive Vinyl

Uncategorized / Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Laser Blue-Line White Removable Adhesive Vinyl is great for window decals without the trouble of dealing with adhesive.

We have a clear static cling and also a white static cling.

The clear is if you would like to see it from the outside looking in ( example would be an expiration sticker or oil change sticker)

Then the white is from the inside looking out only. Great for decorating windows or putting on shiny metals NOT DUAL. They have GREAT cling to them! ( Example would be information stickerĀ on a machine)

Printer setting have to range between 75G-110G

My printer has a 85-100G so this is the closest I have to this range. Or you can choose light gloss paper if that is an option.

Place the blue strip first for the printer to grab this glossy paper!




Let the ink set on the paper for a couple of hours to be safe.



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