Laser Clear Waterslide Sheets

Uncategorized / Monday, June 10th, 2019

Used the Laser Clear Waterslide Sheets to do some awesome flower vases!

It’s so easy to use the┬áLaser Clear Waterslide Sheets! All you have to do is print on a laser printer on normal plain paper settings. Then cut your image out, make sure to cut close around your picture. Afterwords I then placed it in a bowl of warm water for 15 seconds. Once you take the image out you want to then slide it over the item your trying to place it on!

Super awesome to use on mugs, glass, plates and other things!

“We have customers who use our waterslide decals for all kinds of projects. Restoring antique watches, clocks, stoves, and even boat motors. Creating custom art for motorcycle helmets, bicycles, and car graphics. Modelers off all sorts use our waterslide decal papers to create custom decals for their model cars, boats, planes, trains, trolley cars, and even robots & rockets. Don’t settle for pre-made decals customize your project using our decal media and your color laser printer.”




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