Laser Blue Line Gloss White Removable Vinyl (LBLGWR)

Today I am working with a laser removable vinyl. I am going to put it on my locker. I want a removable paper so one day I can remove it from my locker.

This paper has a blue tape strip on the edge of the paper. This tape allows the printer to grab the paper without it jamming in the printer.

You want to feed the paper with the blue tape first so the printer can grab it.

Printer settings set to “plain paper” or “75-105 g/m2” if you don’t have “plain paper options”

Because this paper is removable you can peal it of and re-use it many times. Just make sure to store it on a cling backing!







Inkjet waterslide clear (IAS) on ceramic vase

Today I put one of my new designs on a ceramic vase today!

1.)With the IAS I printed one of my designs on printer setting “High pro Gloss paper”

2.) After printing out my decal I sprayed it with Aerosol Decal Fixative (ASCF) MUST GET

-I sprayed two coats to make a good layer over my printed image

3.) I let that sit for 2 hours to dry

4.) Placed my cut out decal in warm water for 1 minute

5.) I faced the image down on to my vase and slide the image off and on to the vase



IAS vase 4

IAS vase 5

Vase IAS 1

Vase IAS 2

vase IAS 3

Inkjet waterslide on a clock

IAS clock done1

I used the inkjet waterslide to put one of my drawing on a clock!

It was very easy and very fast to do this project!

1.)First I started by scanning my image in, then after that I printed it out.

2.)  MAKE Sure the printer settings are adjusted for “Pro GLOSSY paper” or anything similar to this.

3.) After printing I sprayed my image with the Clear Flexible Fixative. This will allow your image to stay on when you dip it under water.

4.) Then I filled up a bowl of warm water and submerged my decal for 1 minute.

5.) After taking the image out I placed it face down on the clock with a rubber decal squeegee I removed the water underneath.

6.) I then slide the paper off letting the decal slide away from the paper underneath.

7.) With a paper cloth dap on the decal to take away any left over moisture.


14074580_10210387212146035_2049914373_oIAS SPRAY clock


IAS SPRAY clock2

IAS clock done1IAS Clock2 done

Inkjet Rub-On Decal Sheets (IRO)

It is now possible to decorate surfaces such as: unfinished wood, unpainted metal, and even walls with this pressure release media.

IRO is thin and clear with easy steps to get your image on the surface.

I placed my graphic on to an untreated wood palette to show you how well it goes on.



1.) spray with the aerosol clear adhesive spray. This is what makes the image stick to the substrate. Spray a nice thick coat.


2.) place image face down on the surface


3.) rub on the back of the image. This will get the image onto the surface




Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper White (WIAS)


This is just like our Inkjet Clear waterslide but with a WHITE background.

Say you print the American flag, the white stripes will be visible unlike the clear waterslide.

This is great paper to put on glass, mugs, ornaments, wood, guitars, skateboarded ETC.

Once you print on your paper make sure to spray it with the aerosol decal fixative so the ink does not fade into the water.

spray two coats of the paper make sure they are nice and thick.

Aerosol Decal Fixative - 12 fl. oz



inkjet Glossy waterproof White Vinyl (GWVF)

I did a project using the glossy waterproof vinyl over a magnetic sheet for my car or refrigerator.

“Whether you want to use your inkjet printer to make bumper stickers or waterproof production labels our glossy white waterproof adhesive film will allow for you to create durable, waterproof, permanent adhesive labels and stickers, using only your home or business inkjet printer. This unique vinyl material allows for waterproof inkjet output even though most inkjet inks are water soluble. The special glossy finish featured on this media is stained by the ink in the same way a t-shirt is stained by fruit juice.”

With the inkjet Glossy waterproof White Vinyl  I used printer settings “Glossy photo paper II”


After printing it I sprayed the UV protective coating to cover my decal for outside use.


After cutting it out I placed it on the magnetic sheet!



GWVF- inkjet glossy white waterproof


Magnetic sheets

Laser Blue-Line Static Cling White (LBLSCW)

This paper is Ideal for window or wall clings where leaving residue behind is not an option.

There is a blue adhesive tape to the edge of the paper.This feature virtually eliminates the chance of a paper jam.


I know a lot of people buy this paper to make oil change sticker reminders.



As you can see the blue tape on the edge of the paper that should go first in the printer for it to grab the paper.

Printer settings I used “heavy gloss paper”


Inkjet Ultra Cling Vinyl – White (UCFW)

Use this media to make professional looking, white, ultra removable labels or stickers. Ideal for clear interior window clings, or for white interior window clings on walls or windows.

The printer settings I used were “Photo Glossy paper” To get good resolution.

Fun idea to set up a wall collage or on a window to advertise your work!







Inkjet Ultra Cling Vinyl – Clear (UCF)

This is a clear sticker for wall art or any texts you want to put up.

As and example I put text up like you would see in an art gallery.

Printer settings must be applied for a thick paper.

To help with running ink or to make it waterproof use the Waterproof Over-Laminate spray (WOL)