Inkjet Clear Glossy Vinyl (IVFG)

This is a clear inkjet sticker to put on windows, cars, walls etc.

It can be waterproof by spraying the Waterproof over laminate to the decal. (WOL)

I sprayed two coats over my decal to put on the window outside.

The colors are nice but are still transparent (of course)

This stuff looks great for printed letters for outside a shop window.






Laser temporary Tattoo (PTT)

photo resize test1

Sooo I got really carried away with the laser Temporary tattoo  paper! This stuff is AWESOME!

It does take some time to get a hang of this paper.

It has two parts to it, the adhesive you put on top and the paper you print on. As you can see below two sheets one printed on and the other adhesive to the side.


And you need



1.)  Select regular paper in settings.

2.) After printing take the adhesive sheet and peel it


3.) Place the sticky adhesive face down on to the printed image paper


4.) Now make sure all the air bubbles are out of the image

5.) Peel the adhesive off the paper


6.) The image should now have a sticky adhesive on it

7.) Place it on your skin


8.) Wet with damp cloth for 40sec- 1 minute


9.) Slide the paper off

10.) Image should be on the skin


ticks to make not shiny

  • -put baby powder on it
  • -or powder makeup


Inkjet Matte Flexible Magnetic (MFMS)

FullSizeRender (1)

I wanted to try putting some of my art on to magnets to give as gifts to my friends!

I used the Inkjet Matte Flexible Magnetic sheets (MFMS) which are super nice to the touch and light.

I printed out color and black and white and both were awesome!!

Here is a sample of one of my art works on the magnet I’m putting on my locker.


Inkjet Matte White Magnetic Sheets - 8.5 in. x 11in. - Matte White - 6 Sheets

For printer settings I did

1.) High resolution paper as media type ( thick paper)

2.) resolution standard: Normal/Standard


FullSizeRender (1)

White Waterproof Vinyl (WVF)


I wanted to make a new bumper sticker for my car so I decided to use an Inkjet paper this time to test its longevity.

It has been on my car for the past 4 months and standing strong!

The White Waterproof Vinyl is an awesome sticker paper for everything! I have this paper sticker on my computer, doors, fridge and now on my car!


White Waterproof Vinyl - 8.5 in. x 11 in. - 10 Sheets

( Folder the WVF is packaged in)

My Steps

1.) Use “Glossy photo” in the printing settings. this insures better quality

2.) Optional you can flush the sticker under water to get extra ink off. However, I haven’t done that.

3.) cut it out and place it on your object!



Inkjet Clear Waterslide (IAS)

 FullSizeRender (1)

I Used the Inkjet Clear Waterslide on these mugs today.

Using this martial was very simple. The only thing with this Inkjet Clear is you NEED to get the Aerosol Decal Fixative!

What I did was print my paper on “glossy photo paper” settings so the ink would be rich on the paper and not fade.

I then let that settle for 30 minutes, I then took my aerosol and sprayed it over my printed paper.


Aerosol Decal Fixative - 12 fl. ozInkjet Waterslide Decal Paper - Clear - 8.5 in x 11 in - 10 Sheets

( The products I used)

I let that stand for 1 hour

I then placed it in warm water for 30-40 seconds

After that I took it out of the water and placed it face down on the mug a wiggled it off into place.

This is awesome to use for cups plates etc.




Laser Clear Bake-On Waterslide Decal (PASZ)

IMG_3038 (1)

Hey! I wanted to show you guys the new mugs I am customizing with my art work!

I am using the Laser Clear Bake-on Waterslide Decal for this project. SUPER FAST and simple to work with.

The SKU is PASZ8511 if you wan to look it up on

I am doing this for fun have been using this paper to put most of my art work on ceramic mugs, plates etc.

Just a heads up it is not dishwasher safe, I usually hand wash my stuff carefully. I want my art work to last so its best to treat it with care.

I will show you how I worked with this paper step by step!


Steps on how I used my PASZ paper


2.) when printing make sure “plain paper” is selected when printing on PASZ. You are going to bake this paper so you don’t want to start the baking process while printing. keep the heat down 😉

3.) Cut out the image you have

4.)Place in WARM water not .hot.

5.)Leave in water bowl for 20-30sec

6.)Then put the decal on the mug and slide it off and into place!

7.) BAKE (OPTIONAL) 345F for 15-20min