Laser White Gloss Removable Vinyl

Laser White Gloss Removable Vinyl

Used the Laser Blue Line gloss White Removable Vinyl to make some stickers to put on my computer

This paper is great to use for that shiny look. You can put it on your laptop without leaving an adhesive residue. I have used this paper before and the sticker has been on my laptop for one year. I am still able to take off the sticker without an leftover residue coming off onto my laptop .

When printing use a laser printer with low heat. You don’t want to cook the ink on to the paper or it will smudge.


Laser white Waterproof Satin Gloss

Used out new Laser White Waterproof satin Gloss. This sticker paper can be used on a verity of different surfaces. I put this sticker on my computer, with minimal adhesive it does not leave a trail of left over adhesive. You can put this on anything from shampoo bottles to glass bottles.

Laser Tatttoo

Used the Laser tattoo paper to make a cool customized look for my friend.

The cool thing about the temporary tattoo paper is that it is super easy to use. You can print any design you have as long as you use a laser printer.

There are two pieces to make a tattoo. You have the paper and then the clear paper sheet that sticks on top of the printed image. After placing the clear sticky paper on top of image then peel off. This will leave the image with a sticky adhesive allowing it to stick to your skin.

link to buy below

temporary tattoo

temporary tattoo


Today I did the laser tattoo paper and printed one of my sketches.

1.)The settings to print are on “normal” or “plain paper” make sure to do this or the quality might turn out bad. For some printers use “Glossy paper” just play around and get to know your printer.

2.)After printing on the glossy side of the tattoo paper you then need the transfer paper. This is a clear looking paper you peel back with a sticky side. Then place the sticky side down on to the tattoo image.

3.)MAKE SURE to get all the air bubbles out. After that peel the transfer sheet off.

4.)Place the image face down to your skin and wet it.

5.)After soaking the image slide the paper off!

6.)LET IT DRY completely before touching it 🙂

LBLGWR ( Laser Blue Line Gloss White removable Vinyl)

Hello Everyone! I am doing a post about the LBLGWR!

This sticker paper is nice for anything you want! I have used it to put stickers on skateboards, guitars, machines and books!

The texture is very nice and smooth giving it a professional look. I get a lot of nice comments on my stickers when I use this paper. LBLGWR is also removable, which is grate if you need to get it off later on! If its been on for some time you will use a hot cloth and simply remove it. Noooo biggy!

Here a some examples of what I have used it on:)


1.)print on glossy side

2.) print as “plain paper”. Make sure not to print on high heat IT WILL BAKE THE PAPER

3.)let ink dry for some time 20min-1hour


fist image is on a mug

second is on a sketch book

third one is on the wall

Laser Silver Shine Holographic Adhesive Film (LHGSS)

Today I used our laser Silver shine holographic film to print some trippy stickers out!

This paper you want to use “plain Paper” setting or 75g to100g paper thickness. You don’t want to over heat this paper.

To make it waterproof you will spray a good 2 coats over the decal with our Waterproof Over-Laminate.

Let the spray coat sit for 2 hours or to be safe over night.






Laser Blue Line White Static Cling (LBLSCW)

The laser blue line static cling is great for window decals without the trouble of dealing with adhesive.

We have a clear static cling and also a white static cling.

The clear is if you would like to see it from the outside looking in ( example would be an expiration sticker or oil change sticker)

Then the white is from the inside looking out only. Great for decorating windows or putting on shiny metals NOT DUAL. They have GREAT cling to them! ( Example would be information sticker on a machine)

Printer setting have to range between 75G-110G

My printer has a 85-100G so this is the closest I have to this range. Or you can choose light gloss paper if that is an option.

Place the blue strip first for the printer to grab this glossy paper!




Let the ink set on the paper for a couple of hours to be safe.



Laser Blue Line Gloss White Removable Vinyl (LBLGWR)

Today I am working with a laser removable vinyl. I am going to put it on my locker. I want a removable paper so one day I can remove it from my locker.

This paper has a blue tape strip on the edge of the paper. This tape allows the printer to grab the paper without it jamming in the printer.

You want to feed the paper with the blue tape first so the printer can grab it.

Printer settings set to “plain paper” or “75-105 g/m2” if you don’t have “plain paper options”

Because this paper is removable you can peal it of and re-use it many times. Just make sure to store it on a cling backing!